A Romantic Evening at Hutong Miami for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, Hutong Miami is the perfect setting for an intimate celebration with your significant other. With a specially curated menu available for $158 per person, starting at 8pm, you’re invited to indulge in a night of romance, flavor, and unforgettable moments.

Opening with Elegance: Prawn & Black Truffles Dumplings

Begin your celebration with our Prawn & Black Truffles Dumplings, where the delicate taste of prawn perfectly complements the luxurious aroma of black truffles, promising an elegant start to your meal.

The Heart of the Meal: Peking Duck

Our Peking Duck, a beloved classic, is served with crispy skin and tender meat, accompanied by cucumber, leek, and a special plum sauce, all wrapped in a soft pancake. It’s a dish that embodies the spirit of sharing and togetherness.

Choose Your Highlight

Your main course is a choice between:

  • The succulent Wagyu Japanese Steak, a treat for meat lovers.
  • The spicy and flavorful Sichuan Lobster, for those who enjoy a little heat.
  • The refined Wild Chilean Sea Bass with Caviar, offering a touch of elegance.
  • The wholesome Shiitake Mushrooms with Asparagus & Shaved Black Truffles, for a rich, vegetarian option.

Side Dishes to Delight

Complement your main with either the indulgent Black Truffles Fried Rice or the crispy, spicy Four Season Beans, each adding a unique touch to your dining experience.

Ending on a Note of Love: “Love Forever”

Conclude your evening with our “LOVE FOREVER” dessert, a romantic concoction of chocolate mousse and coconut cremeux, paired with an assortment of bonbons, symbolizing the sweet moments of love.

At Hutong Miami, we’re dedicated to making your Valentine’s Day special with a focus on intimate moments, shared flavors, and the joy of being together. Join us for an evening that promises to be a celebration of love in every bite.

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