Celebrating the Dragon Year: A Culinary Journey through Hutong’s Chinese New Year Menu

As the Dragon Year ushers in a new horizon of prosperity and good fortune, Hutong invites you to partake in a Chinese New Year celebration that intertwines tradition with celebration. On February 10th, the Lunar New Year’s day, Hutong has curated an experience that begins with an a la carte menu available until 8pm, seamlessly transitioning into a meticulously crafted set dinner for those with reservations at 8pm onwards. The highlight of the evening will be a mesmerizing Lion Dance performance at 9 pm, promising an enchanting show that embodies the spirit of the New Year.

An Auspicious Start

The celebration kicks off with the traditional “Lo Hei” salad, a communal toss that brings together lobster, assorted sashimi, and a vibrant selection of vegetables, symbolizing a collective wish for prosperity and good luck. This ritual sets the stage for an evening of communal joy and gastronomic delight

Middle Course: Peking Duck Elegance

As twilight deepens, the middle course honors the revered Peking Duck, a dish celebrated for its perfect blend of crispy skin and tender meat. Served with cucumber, leek, and a special plum sauce, this dish is Hutong’s homage to a culinary tradition that has captivated palates for centuries.

Choose Your Entrée: A Diverse Palette

With the night in full swing, guests are invited to choose their entrée from an array of exquisite dishes. Whether it’s the tenderness of Wagyu Japanese Steak, the succulence of Tiger Prawns, the refined flavors of Steamed Wild Sea Bass with Caviar, or the aromatic allure of Fried Noodles with Shaved Black Truffles, each dish is a testament to Hutong’s commitment to culinary excellence.

Sides: Elevating the Experience

Complementing the entrees are sides that encapsulate the harmony of flavors and textures. Black Truffles Fried Rice offers a comforting decadence, while Four Season Beans bring a vibrant contrast with their crisp texture and spicy undertones.

A Sweet Conclusion

The “Gong Xi Fa Cai” dessert, a sophisticated ensemble of vanilla cheesecake, tropical cremeux, and matcha, marks a sweet culmination to the feast. This dessert not only delights the palate but also symbolizes a sweet beginning to the New Year.

Hutong’s Chinese New Year menu, priced at $168 per person, is a journey that celebrates the rich heritage of Chinese cuisine while embracing the joy and promise of the Lunar New Year. As we transition from the a la carte offerings to the set dinner on this special day, the anticipation builds for the Lion Dance at 9 pm, a vibrant expression of culture and festivity that is sure to captivate and enchant.

Join us at Hutong on February 10th to usher in the Dragon Year with an evening that promises not just a meal, but a memorable experience that blends tradition, innovation, and the art of fine dining. Remember to make your reservations for the set dinner beginning at 8pm, and prepare to be enthralled by the Lion Dance, a highlight of the evening’s celebrations.

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